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Travel Promotions FAQ
Travel Promotions FAQ
"Promotional Travel Done Right!"
  • Congratulations on receiving your exciting promotional travel offer serviced by the Travel Service Center!

    Please find information related to your offer by clicking on its name under "Select Your Offer".

About Our Travel Promotions

Our promotions are used by hundreds of businesses and non-profit organizations to reward clients, customers and donors for their participation in promotional events.  We're excited to work with you and truly appreciate the opportunity to serve you!

Please Note...

The Travel Service Center (TSC) is not affiliated with the company or individual that provided your promotional offer.  We work with many independent distributors and act only as a fulfillment company. Please ensure the Terms and Conditions of your offer match what may have been told to you.

Is this free?

Our promotional offers should not be considered "free" travel as fees and taxes may apply. We ask that you please read your Terms and Conditions to ensure they are in agreement with what was communicated to you by your sponsor.

We look forward to assisting you with your travel plans!

"To Travel is to Live"

Hans Christian Anderson